Helping NPSP Handle Anonymous Gifts

Problem: Some of our donors give anonymously, and we need to know who they are but need to make sure we don’t accidentally list them in our annual report.

Solution: Create a few fields and workflow rules and you’ll be all set.

On the account object, I added a checkbox field called Anonymous Donor and a text field called Recognition Name.  Then I set the recognition name for all of my records by exporting the Account ID, Account Name and Formal Greeting to excel via Apsona, cleaned it up a bit and imported the results into Recognition Name.


I added two workflow rules, one for Organizations and one for Households.  The rule sets the Recognition name as either the Formal Greeting (Household) or Account Name (Organization) unless the Anonymous box is checked, and then it just sets the Recognition Name as Anonymous.  Now we can pull recognition name for our annual report and other donor lists.

Here are the formulas for the field updates in the workflow rules:


IF(Anonymous_Donor__c=True, “Anonymous“, Name)


IF(Anonymous_Donor__c=True, “Anonymous“, npo02__Formal_Greeting__c)

In order to actually use these fields you must add the Anonymous Donor field and the Recognition Name field to the field set for Manage Households.  You can inline edit the Organization account pages, but not the Households.

You’ll find field sets for Households under Accounts | Field Sets | Manage Household Custom.

That’s it.  Now just be sure you pull the Recognition Name field rather than another name field whenever you do a donor listing like an Annual Report.


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